Due to publication reasons, I have decided to remove Hush from my blog. In general, I have decided to abandon my WordPress account altogether as I’ve come to find Blogger as a more user friendly site.

Thanks for those who read my stuff. If you’re interested in more and would like to read other blurbs and excerpts from my other projects, I have an author site up now in addition to my personal blog.


I actually wrote [Hush] a few years ago, back when I used to work in Aurora, Oregon. It would be a half hour commute, and driving at 5 in the morning, it tends to have some strange thoughts rattling about in your noggin. Either that, or I just got that much going on in my mind.

In any case, I tweaked with the concept a bit from its original form since then. Some things, however, have remained the same: Hannah Vallejo’s tales of fright and paranoid that you see here shows to be just a fragment of a greater story for a much larger project that I had in mind, called JUST.

What is this project? What does it entail?

I’m still working that part out.

Hush merely is meant to portray the experience of one out of three individuals — what they are each forced to endure, and what has impeded on their everyday lives.

The ending aside, I assure you that this is not the last you will hear of Ms. Vallejo’s story. Feel free to check out more details in my other blog, if you’re so inclined.



One response to “Hush

  1. The scene where she is speeding down the road had a great buildup and was very intense!

    By the end of the story, I wonder if Hannah Vallejo was suffering from delusions, or if she really was being plagued by supernatural forces.

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